Fundraiser: "If The Devil Gives Me House And Home" and "Block Out The Sun"

Hello everyone,

I've been diligently working away for the last 18 months on assembling two solo albums that I hope to complete in 2024.

The first project, titled "If the Devil Gives Me House and Home" is a collection of archival and rare recordings dating from 1996 to 2006. My former studio partner, Chris Xefos, and I sifted through unfinished work recorded by my solo band, A Great Laugh, as well as several songs recorded at Magnetic, the studio we ran in San Francisco. Many of the songs on this release were later re-recorded for my third album, "Bittersweet." Additionally, there are several songs that were released on compilation CDs, along with outtakes from the album "Cock Crows At Sunrise."

The second project is called "Block Out The Sun" and it comprises new material that I began recording in late 2022. The project is fully recorded, and mixes are currently underway. The music on this album picks up where my previous album, "Silver Smoke of Dreams," left off. Collaborating with Michael Jerome and Willie Aron from The Third Mind, as well as my longtime mix engineer Bruce Kaphan, we've recorded a group of songs with a wider sonic palette than I usually employ, incorporating various strings, keyboards, and virtual instruments. It's a short, concise work featuring 8 songs, running just shy of 38 minutes in length. I firmly believe it showcases some of the best songwriting I've ever done, hinting at orchestral 60's pop and folk, with an undercurrent of more contemporary electronic sounds percolating underneath. It's definitely an evolution, made more special by the great contributions of Michael, Willie, and Bruce.

By self-funding, I avoid paying a third-party website a percentage of your donation on top of PayPal fees. You have several options to support me:


Upon completion of the album, I'll send you a copy and provide access to high-resolution mastered files.

Upon completion of the album, I'll send you a copy and provide access to high-resolution mastered files.

Upon completion, I'll send you copies of both albums and grant access to high-resolution mastered files.

USD ($10 min)

You can select your level of participation at a lower or higher level. Any contribution under $25.00 will entitle you to purchase both albums at a reduced price. Contributions exceeding $25.00 up to $50.00 will include a copy of the album of your choice. Contributions exceeding $50.00 will include copies of both releases.



You can also subscribe to my Patreon at, which allows you to fund me monthly. Once the albums are completed, I'll suspend my Patreon until I embark on a new project.