Victor Krummenacher is a co-founder of the band Camper Van Beethoven, a longstanding member of Monks of Doom and has released 10 solo albums since 1995. Krummenacher is also part of the collective The Third Mind with Dave Alvin, David Immerglück, Michael Jerome and Jesse Sykes. He currently resides between Riverside, California and Portland, Oregon.

As a recording artist, Krummenacher has been active for more than 35 years and has appeared with numerous projects including Cracker, in McCabe & Mrs. Miller with Alison Faith Levy, with Eugene Chadbourne in Camper Van Chadbourne as well as Two Heads (featuring John Moremen, DJ Bonebrake and Willie Aron), Eyelids, M. Ward, Mushroom, Magnet, and Robi Del Mar.

Krummenacher has pursued a solo career as a singer-songwriter since 1994. His tenth solo album, “Silver Smoke of Dreams,” was released in 2021. A compilation of early material, “If The Devil Gives Me House and Home” and a new collection of songs “Block Out The Sun” will be released in 2024.

Recent projects include the album “A Colossal Waste of Light” by Eyelids, released in March of 2023 on Jealous Butcher, and the sophomore album from The Third Mind, simply entitled “2”, available on October 27, 2023.