Victor Krummenacher is an Art Director and Graphic Designer currently living between Portland, OR and Riverside, CA. He has worked with Apple, Sony AI, IBM. He has been an Art Director for Road & Track and Wired Magazine as well as done book design and video direction and editing.

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Recent Work

Art Direction for for a lead generation campaign on social media. The campaign contains both static and motion components. 2024.

Presentation Design

Art direction for the keynote for Hiroaki Kitano’s presentation at the SIGGRAPH conference 2023. This presentation included motion art direction as well as integrating content from other Sony partners including Gran Turismo, Santa Monica Studios, and Sony Pictures Digital. Watch the video to see the Keynote as it was presented.

Technical Art Direction

Wireframes for illustrating communications frameworks for the Defense Department.

Print Design

A selection of articles Art Directed for Road & Track and WIRED.

Apple News+ Article Design

Print articles adapted for iOS presentation in Apple New + for titles included Road & Track, Bon Appetite, National Geographic, Men’s Health and other titles.

Book Design

Art Direction and design for the photographer Platon for his books Power (PQ Blackwell) and Service (Prestel).

Books By Danny Plotnick and Danny Bland

Art direction and design for the books Super 8, I Apologize In Advance for the Awful Things I’m Going To Do and We Shouldn’t Be Doing This.

CD Design

Art direction and design, various clients and labels.