Saint John’s Mercy Album Details


Revolving around the title track, Saint John’s Mercy features a series of songs written following the demise of Krummenacher’s touring band, A Great Laugh.

That band was waylaid in 1996 following a disastrous tour during which drummer John Nelson was struck and seriously injured by a car in St. Louis, Mo. He was taken to Saint John’s Mercy Medical. These dramatic events led Victor to take some time off from playing live to focus on writing.

The results are a series of songs reflective of Krummenacher”s diverse influences. From the opening salvo of the garage-rock-meets-Richard Thompson "Tear Stained Road" to the psychedelic country strains of "Questa Sunset" to the neo-Creedence overtones of "Long Way Home," Krummenacher achieves the envious balance of paying homage to influences without losing his own focus as a songwriter. Intimate, passionate and literate, Victor unleashes a trained poetic eye upon the world, keeping the focus on the song, and providing a smooth, complex enjoyable listen. Not particularly alternative, not country, not roots rock, not punk, Krummenacher’s music inhabits the space most writers hope to achieve: it’s own."